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Improve Client Outcomes

Effective measurement-based care has been proven to increase the likelihood that a client succeeds in treatment. Greenspace makes this easy to implement.

Increase Engagement

Greenspace engages clients in their own treatment process, providing them with more ownership and control over their improvement.

Access Motivated Clients

Greenspace matches you with pre-qualified and motivated new clients that are referred from primary care providers.

Improve Outcomes

Progress Measurement

Running an evidence-based practice and implementing a consistent measurement process can be difficult and time consuming. Greenspace makes this process easy for therapists and more engaging for clients.

Increase Engagement

Clients have full visibility into their own results, and are engaged in tracking progress outside of sessions.

Automate the Workflow

Greenspace dramatically reduces the manual effort and time associated with running an effective measurement process.

Flexible for Your Practice

To ensure Greenspace fits your practice, there is flexibility around assessments, delivery and completion methods.

Maintain Privacy

Greenspace is committed to maintaining privacy and security that exceeds PIPEDA, PHIPA and other provincial standards.

Therapist Progress Measurement Dashboard
Practice Management Solution for Therapists
Coordinate Care

Practice Management Solution

The Greenspace platform is simple and intuitive. In addition to being a progress measurement solution, it helps you manage your practice - without the paper.

Progress Notes

Record progress notes using simple templates. Sign, approve and co-sign notes.

Document Uploads

Save any physical documents into Greenspace, removing the need for your paper file.

Customizable Client Profile and Intake

Create a custom profile form that you can invite clients to complete electronically.

Client Portal

Invite clients to view their assessment results and update their profile remotely.

Access Motivated New Clients

Primary Care Matching Program

Greenspace can provide you with access to pre-qualified and motivated new clients that have been referred by their primary care providers. You will receive a detailed intake report for these clients and can maintain full control over whether to accept or decline each new match. Once you accept a match, the Greenspace platform facilitates collaboration with a client's Primary Care Provider.

The Primary Care Matching Program is currently only available in Ontario. For therapists that have a full practice or otherwise would not like to participate, there is no obligation to join the Primary Care Matching Program.

Primary Care Patient Intake

Discover how Greenspace can help elevate your practice and improve client outcomes.

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Evidence Based

The Supporting Research

Greenspace was built on research that identifies consistent progress measurement as having a dramatic impact on client treatment outcomes, regardless of modality. Regularly tracking progress leads to better client engagement, improved communication and reduced outcome bias in therapy.

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higher likelihood that a client experiences reliable change
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
lower dropout or cancellation rates and 25% lower no-show rate
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  • Bohanske, R. T., & Franczak, M., "Transforming public behavioral health care: A case example of consumer-directed services, recovery, and the common factors" (2010)
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