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Therapist FAQs

"Therapists" are individuals who are licensed to provide psychotherapy services and include, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, MD psychotherapists, occupational therapists and registered psychotherapists.

Progress Measurement

Yes. There is no fee for therapists and their patients to use the Greenspace progress measurement platform (now or ever). Therapists have the option to subscribe to a Premium Account, which includes features such as customizable delivery schedules, additional types of assessments and a display of the therapist's aggregated statistics.

Therapists select the appropriate clinical, functional, addictions and therapeutic alliance assessments for each patient. The therapist then has a choice as to whether they would like the assigned assessments to be automatically delivered to the patient by email or sms on a recurring schedule or if they would like the patient to complete the assessment during their visit to the office. Patients don't need to download an app and can easily complete the assessments on any device (phone, tablet, computer).

Yes. Greenspace gives therapists the option to have their patients complete their assessments in their office during a session. This can be done on a device being used by the therapist (tablet or computer) or can be done using the Kiosk, which facilitates simple completion of assessments in a waiting room or during session.

No. You can complete an assessment with a new patient instantly, without requiring the patient to sign up for an account. If the patient is interested in receiving assessments outside of their session and viewing their own results, they will need to sign up for an account. This can be done at any time and doesn’t need to be done when they complete their first assessment.

Yes. Both therapists and patients can access the results through their Greenspace accounts. Patients being able to access and view their own results is important because it increases patient engagement, and progress measurement has been demonstrated by a number of studies to have a much larger impact when results are displayed to both the therapist and the patient.

The two most commonly assigned assessments are the PHQ-9 (Depression) and the BR-WAI (Therapeutic Alliance).

On average there are three assessments assigned to each patient on the platform.

Accessing Care

Currently the program is only available in the Greater Toronto Area. We will be expanding to other geographic regions within the next several months.

No. When signing up for an account, you have the option to specify whether you are interested in participating in the Accessing Care Program.

No. You always have the option to pass on any patients that are matched with you.

You will receive a detailed intake report that summarizes the symptoms exhibited by your new patient. Participating therapists appreciate the streamlined process and up front information, as it saves time and allows for a more effective first meeting with a new patient.

No. Your participation in the Accessing Care Program is not communicated to anyone who visits the Greenspace website. Greenspace is not a directory of therapists.

All therapists are encouraged to use the progress measurement platform with patients, however it is not a strict requirement.

You are. All billing and payment is completed according to the processes you have in place for the rest of your practice.

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