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"After struggling with depression for the last 3 years, I was lost. Anyone who has suffered with mental health issues, knows that there is no system to help you get better, and you are ultimately left on your own. On my family doctor’s recommendation, I joined Greenspace and met Paula. After so many failed programs and introductions, to have found a therapist that I clicked with instantly was remarkable. The improvement to my quality of life has been beyond what I could have imagined and I am now on the path to better days."

-- Patient

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Greenspace uses data, research, and a hands-on case management process to match you with the best possible therapist. This service is available to patients in the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario. Click here to learn more.

Your health information is protected and is 100% confidential. Greenspace will never share your health information with your employer or third parties other than your physician or mental health therapist.

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