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Use Greenspace and get back to being yourself.

Helping you Get Better


Measurement to Help You Improve

Greenspace lets you regularly track your progress in therapy. Research has proven that this process of consistent measurement significantly improves therapy results.

Visibility Into Your Results

You are provided with access to a secure account where you can see a visual display of progress and results throughout treatment. You can also share these results with other care providers.

Match with the Right Therapist

If you live in Ontario and are not yet working with a therapist, start the Greenspace matching process to be connected with the specialist that is best suited to help you.

Patient Progress Measurement Dashboard
A Process Proven To Increase Success

Measure Your Progress

Tracking your progress through therapy is one of the most important predictors of lasting change and improvement. With Greenspace, you can work with your therapist to regularly track your progress so that you can both see your results over time.

What You Need to Know:

  • Less than 6 minutes a week to participate.
  • Can be completed during sessions or on your own (by email or sms).
  • Confidential and secure protection of your information.

Get Started

How we Help With

Finding a Therapist

Therapy is a collaborative process based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. It should therefore be no surprise that a strong fit between patient and therapist is the most important predictor of a positive outcome in therapy. If you are looking for a therapist, Greenspace will help to intelligently match you with a therapist that is best suited to your specific needs.

Get Started

Step 1: Intake Questionnaire

Taking 8-12 minutes to complete, the questionnaire assesses your symptoms and challenges to ensure you are matched with the most appropriate therapist.

Step 2: Dedicated Case Managers

Our supportive care team helps guide you through the process. You can choose to schedule an intake call or correspond by email.

Step 3: Match with a Therapist

Your case manager will identify the right match for you and book your 1st appointment in as early as 48 hours.

Step 4: Collaboratively Track Progress

With guidance from your therapist, you can digitally track your progress through therapy. If you were referred by your primary care provider, you can keep them updated as well.

Areas We Serve

Program Availability

Greenspace helps match patients with a therapist within the "Golden Horseshoe" in Southern Ontario.

Our care team will work with patients to ensure they are matched with a therapist that fits their clinical requirements and in a location that suits their day to day needs.

Greenspace Matching Program Toronto

Let Greenspace help you get back to being yourself


A Better Way to Access Care

days to see a therapist
patient improvement
patients that continue therapy with their matched therapist
Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no fee to use Greenspace to match with a new therapist or to track your progress through therapy. See the Pricing page for more details.

However, the therapist you are matched with will charge a fee for their services, as psychotherapy is not publicly funded by Provincial health plans. Session fees are determined by the therapist and range from $100 to $250 (depending on the type of therapist - e.g social worker, psychotherapist or psychologist). Most insurance plans cover therapy services, but patients are responsible for determining their level of coverage.

That’s great. If your therapist is registered on Greenspace they can invite you to join or you can sign up here. If they don’t have Greenspace yet, tell them about it.

No problem. You can use Greenspace to find a therapist that is appropriate and well suited to you. By completing the digital intake questionnaire, you are matched based on objective data with a therapist from the Greenspace network.

You do. Greenspace securely stores and presents your progress to you, your therapist and your primary care provider. If you stop using Greenspace, you can take your data with you.

Greenspace holds data security and privacy in the highest regard. The Platform conforms to digital and physical security protocols, utilizes SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. Additional precautions taken to protect privacy include requiring: strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, and restrictive data access procedures. Please see our Security Page for more details.

No. Greenspace is a clinical tool that does not replace sessions with your therapist. Measuring your progress using Greenspace supplements and supports the therapy process with additional objective information.

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